Loyalty Rewards Program

Did you know that every client at Essential Elements can earn Reward Points through purchases and referrals? Here’s how . . .

For each dollar spent at Essential Elements on any service you earn 1 Reward Point for every purchase you make with us. This includes gift certificate purchases as well.

Pre-book your next appointment at Essential Elements at time of checkout and earn 1 point for every dollar for that appointment that you just made.

Sign up for our newsletter and earn 100 points and if you share with a friend and they sign up to receive our newsletter you will receive 100 Rewards Points. Please note you must use the share link on the newsletter otherwise you will not receive your points.

Also, did you know that when you refer a new client to Essential Elements and when they come in and mention your name we will send you a card for 10% off your next service with us. Please note this card does have an expiration date. Be sure to tell them about our new client discount offers too.

We will automatically track your Reward Points with each qualifying purchase, referral and booking as noted above.
Once you’ve earned 500 Reward Points, you will be sent a gift certificate via email to redeem your reward in the form of a $10 credit on your next visit. Please note this too has an expiration date as well.

Enrolling in the Rewards Program: You are automatically enrolled in our Rewards Program from the first time sign up to receive our emails or when you visit Essential Elements and purchase a service.

Reward Points Rules (The Fine Print)

-Reward Points are credited to your account at the time of checkout
-At no time may Reward Points be redeemable for cash.
-Reward Points will not be earned or excepted for payment of gratuities.
-Reward Points will not be earned for purchases made with any promotional (free) gift certificates.
-Reward Points are non-transferrable.
-Reward Points earnings may not be eligible with some special offers, sale items or special items. We will alert you to any -ineligible purchases.
-Essential Elements reserves the right to terminate or modify the Rewards Loyalty Program at any time. Any revisions to the program will be posted on our website as well as at our front desk.
-Reward points expire two (2) years from the day they were earned.
-Enjoying some quality therapy or pampering at Essential Elements may be habit forming, resulting in lower levels of stress and moments of extreme contentment. We hope our Rewards Points Loyalty Program will only serve to enhance that experience.