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Can Massage Help Relieve Your Cold or Flu Symptoms?

January 7th, 2012 • Posted by Natalie Rumbaugh • Permalink

You wake up in the morning stiff and sore because you were in bed all day yesterday with a cold. You then realize you have a massage schedule today. You then say aaahhh. A massage will provide relief to my achy muscles and give me a brief hour of feeling good instead of feeling terrible. Well, not so fast. Actually, getting a massage when you are sick with a cold or flu is a very bad idea. Depending on what stage of the illness you are in, the massage can send the virus zooming through your body making you feel a lot worse. Also, when you’re sick you put your massage therapist at risk. Here are just a few natural remedies that may be quite helpful when you’re down with a cold.

• Echinacea ~ This wonderful super herb stimulates the immune system and promotes T-cell activation.

• Vitamin C ~ A good source of Vitamin C is Emer-gen C. A powdered drink that helps hydrate you as well as giving you a great boost of Vitamin C.

• Zinc ~This is great to help with sinus type colds. Not so great for nausea.

 • Drink lots of fluids ~ Water, herbal tea or any other clear liquid is best. They help replace fluids lost during mucus production or fever. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which can cause dehydration, and cigarette smoke, which can aggravate your symptoms.

• Chicken soup ~ The warmth of soup helps to move that mucus out of your nose and on to your Kleenex and provides nourishing hydration.

• Get lots of rest ~ YES! STAY HOME FROM WORK. It’s important to keep warm and sleep as much as you can. Your body needs all of its strength to heal and you reduce the risk of infecting others.

• Gargling with warm salt water ~ The salt draws out the inflammation. Doing this several times a day can really help relieve your sore throat.

• Saline nasal drops or Neti pot ~ Either one of these methods can help relieve nasal congestion. Saline drops are found at most local drug stores. Be careful when using the Neti pot and follow the provided directions.

Wishing you good health….and feel free to share any remedies you might have.

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